Working from Home & Clutter

Working from Home & Clutter

I'm sure you've heard the saying 'A cluttered desk is a sign of a creative mind' but what happens when that clutter overwhelms us?

The Kitchen Table

We used to use our kitchen table for eating our dinners and doing children's activities, but now it needs to be even more multifunctional. A dinner table, a home work space, children's home learning area, creative area, a social space and much, much more.

How can we keep our focus when the table has become multifunctional?

Distractions When Working From Home

We all know what it's like, you sit down to write a report but then you look up and notice that the dishes need doing, you become distracted and far less focused on the task in hand. 'I'll just do the dishes and then I'll crack on with that report' or 'I'll just put the washing machine on' Clutter completes for your attention and is the ultimate distraction away from the task you are actually supposed to be doing.

Clutter and Stress

There is a direct link between clutter and the increase in the stress hormone cortisol in your brain, especially in women. When you are subjected to clutter over a long period of time then it has an adverse impact on both your mental and physical wellbeing. Stress levels can already be high and on the increase due to clutter and it could become unmanageable

Tips on How to Make an Effecective

Workspace in Your Home What can we do to reduce our stress levels with clutter when working from home?

• At the end of each day, in preparation for the next working morning, make sure that your desk area (wherever that may be) is clear to the standard if you were hot desking.

• Ensure your working environment is tidy – if it's the kitchen, wash up and clear the counters in the evening so you can start work as soon as you need to. If it's your bedroom, make your bed and pack your clothes away.

• Write a list of what you need to accomplish in your day.

• Time Block tasks and meetings into manageable chunks and set a timer to signal the blocks. If you have tasks to do around the home too then try to manage these into 10min slots inbetween your business tasks. Ensure you stick to the timers set.

• Another great idea is zoning the area you have set aside for home working ie coloured paper stuck on the wall, a shower curtain or roller blind to physically divide the space. Colours have tremendous impact on our moods, how you work and how clients may perceive you. Have a look at how colour therapy works here Color Psychology: How Color Meanings Affect You & Your Brand (

• When storing files and books, store them vertically, side by side rather than on top of each other. This helps them from becoming another surface to add things to. Why not make our easy DIY file holder?

Houseplants in Your Home Office Space

Add a plant to your workspace. Strange you may think but they actually prevent clutter from building up in that area. They also bring in much needed oxygen to your workspace. Ideal home office desk plants include: Snake plants, Cactus and Golden Devils Ivy.

Take a look at the best 25 desk plants here 25 Best Houseplants for Home Offices | Home Office Plants (

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