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How I can help you to de-clutter?

I set up Clear the Clutter Now, as I know first hand the benefits that de-cluttering can have. Living in a tidy home is beneficial for your mental and physical health – it’s been proven that people who live in a de-cluttered home are more active than those who live with clutter. Having a clearer home is more relaxing and reduces tension, so it also has a positive effect on relationships.

I’m very calm and down to earth and our initial telephone conversation will help us get to know each other, put you at ease, answer any questions you have and focus your mind on the area of your home that you’d like to transform first. It’s all about encouraging you to make choices and helping you to feel more in control.

My non-judgemental approach focuses on long-term goals. We all have a different journey and something in yours has prompted you to gather and hold onto items that you don’t need or use. In many cases, what started off by bringing you comfort is now holding you back. I’m a good listener. By talking through your triggers, we can find a way for you to preserve special memories, organise the things you need and help you to move forwards. By the time I’ve finished working with you, you’ll not only have more space in your room, you’ll have more clarity in your head. As someone who is conscious of environmental issues and community spirited as well, I’m a great believer in recycling and upcycling. I’ll share with you how you can donate certain items to local charitable organisations as well as to charity shops, so that others get use or enjoyment from them too. I’ll also teach you how to create additional storage solutions with items you already have in the house. After our session, you’ll be equipped with the skills to declutter more areas and to keep your home organised, efficient and somewhere to enjoy being.

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