The BraVoo Tribe

As part of my sustainability mission, I love to find alternative uses for things and one thing which I'm passionate about is supporting others.

I'm on a mission for all ladies to declutter their bras! Yes, that's right, I need your bras!

I set up The BraVoo Tribe to raise awareness and funds for the Charity Against Breast Cancer (reg charity no 1121258) and support women in Africa to set up in business.

It's not just a bra.....
It's funds to research breast cancer
It's passing things on for others to benefit from
It's supporting women in Africa to set up in business selling pre-loved bras to women in their communities
It's giving women higher status within their communities
It's providing employment opportunities for those women for which they get paid
It's the money that they get paid helps feed their family & provide the nutrition they so desperately need It's the reduced risk of women in Africa being attacked

It's not just a bra – it's saving lives

If you'd like to get involved or find out more about how pre-lovedvbras support and empower women, please join our Facebook community at The BraVoo Tribe

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