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Rebecca Riches

Great workshop today, where we learned how to make a body scrub, using a few drops of the wonderful Doterra Wild Orange oil for an amazing scent!. Thank you Janine!!. Your knowledge and passion for the range is just fabulous!. I never knew that essential oils could be used in such a variety of ways!.​


Clare Sandiford

Thoroughly enjoyed the homemade body scrub workshop run with her 2 girls. Easy & fun to follow and the wild orange oil is divine. Just wanted to say Thank you for introducing me to what's now my life saver.


Kat Becky Bowen

Janine is absolutely amazing, gave me some great tips of how to start decluttering my bedroom. She is so polite, and made me think thoroughly about what things I needed and which I really didn’t anymore. Thank you so much for your help.


Sally Anne Saint

I recently interviewed Janine on MIB Monmouthshire. She was a pleasure to interview, so informative and passionate about her work The group really enjoyed the topic and Janine ls wisdom on her work and what it gives her clients. It was a real pleasure interviewing Janine.


Beccy Jones

What a brilliant service! I struggle to prioritise decluttering and clutter has always been my default. Having somebody as lovely, yet no nonsense, as Janine to guide and support me through the process really helped focus me. after only a couple of hours I can now get my kitchen decorated which is amazing - the clutter has been putting me off for years!


Lucy Aldrich

I heard this lovely lady talking about the effects of clutter on your self and your mental health. I found Janine hugely inspirational and will now be following and stalking her wherever she goes. She is compassionate but informative at the same time and I would love her to help me with my decluttering. Thank you 😊


Susan Holt

Janine came to me for a pre Christmas clear out, she worked really hard and was very sensitive to my needs. I feel like I’ve had my mind cleared out to. I would recommend janine to anyone, she did a fantastic job she had great ideas I’d not even thought of. Kids bedroom - before Santa comes, craft rooms, kitchen cupboards. I’m having her back in the spring


Stacey Litster

What I enjoyed the most with Janine, is the opportunity she gave me to make the connection between me and my clutter, why I hold onto what I do and the reminder of how better I'd feel by using her ideas, support and encouragement to make the changes. Janine is down to earth and real, easy to relate to and no judgements. Thank you for the insight and well needed boost 🙏❤

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