Hoarding Traits

Hoarding Traits

I have been approached by a TV casting company asking if they could offer an opportunity in my group for anyone with hoarding tendencies to appear in a TV Show. 'What a great opportunity!' some may say but, in actual fact, I said NO.

Why I said NO to TV

I declined the offer, as personally, I feel that by emptying the person's home all at once and filling skips, doesn't actually support the client identify with the root cause of their hoarding tendencies and the hoarding will start again. Hoarding is a disorder where it is found difficult to part with or throw away possessions

Fear of Losing Belongings

The shock of suddenly feeling vulnerable, in what they perceive, an empty home can be too much and be both mentally and physically debilitating. The fear of losing the majority of things they have owned and treasured can be insurmountable because having so many things around them can actually make them feel safe.

Hoarding as a Mental Illness

It has been found that you are more likely to have hoarding tendencies if earlier generations have also been hoarders. A study by John Hopkins University School of Medicine in 2007 suggests that a region on chromosome 14 is linked with compulsive hoarding behaviour in families with OCD.

Trauma and Hoarding

Some people find it extremely difficult when dealing with trauma in life and following this, they may find themselves unable to throw things away or actively start collecting things. Following the death of a loved one, one may wish to keep all their possessions as will as their own, or they may start collecting anything and everything with something on it that reminds them of their loved one.
The hoarder may have had a childhood with very few possessions so may begin to hoard as they don't want to be in that position again.

It can also be linked to other stressful events, such as: Being abused or attacked Break up with a partner Becoming very unwell Feeling extremely lonely

Hoarding is something which they can control and use as a security blanket or a wall to protect themselves.

Are you a Hoarder?

If you think you may be a hoarder, check out your score on the Clutter Image Rating chart Clutter-Image-Rating-3-18-16.pdf (iocdf.org)

to find out your level of hoarding.

What Can I Do to Support a Hoarder?

There's a lot of support available for hoarders from specialist companies, to small independents like myself. If you know someone who you feel is, or is becoming a hoarder, please reach out.

We can discuss how we can support moving forward Email us hello@cleartheclutternow.co.uk

-Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

-Hoarding Disorders UK

-Hoarding UK

-Help For Hoarders – Help for compulsive hoarders and their families

– Children of Hoarders – Awareness, Understanding, and Support – by COH, for COH

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